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ArcelorMittal Lazaro Cardenas


ArcelorMittal Lazaro Cardenas
Fco. J. Mújica No. 1-B
Apartado Postal No. 19-A
C.P. 60950
Lázaro Cárdenas

Tel: +52 753 533 2606
Fax: +52 753 532 2723

Marketing Office
Aléjandro Dumas No. 312
Col. Polanco
C.P. 11550

Productora Mexicana de Tuberia S.A. de C.V.
Boulevard de las Bahias s/n
Isla del Cayacal, Ap. Postal 789
Cd. Lázaro Cárdenas
Michoacan, C.P. 60950
Tel: +52 555 255 4046 Tel: +52 753 533 0362
Fax: +52 555 250 1257 Fax: +52 753 533 0310


ArcelorMittal Lazaro Cardenas is Mexico’s largest steel producer and slab exporter. The company is the only dedicated slab producer in the world using the DRI-EAF continuous casting method for its entire production. It uses DRI as its primary metallic input for steelmaking. This process results in higher quality slabs with a uniform grain structure and superior finish – thereby offering more benefits to the end user.

ArcelorMittal Lazaro Cardenas’s unique technology, combined with advanced secondary metallurgy and vacuum degassing facilities, enables it to produce a broad variety of grades of slabs (intermediary products used to manufacture flat rolled steel products) with wide-ranging applications. These include deep drawing grades used in sophisticated applications for the automobile and appliance industries, large diameter line pipe grades used primarily in the petroleum and gas industries, plate grades used in sophisticated applications such as high pressure vessels, corrosion-resistant plates for shipbuilding, as well as structural and commercial grades for the construction industry.

Continuous quality improvements and close technical interaction with end users have allowed ArcelorMittal Lazaro Cardenas to market slabs to top-quality flat rolled and tubular producers worldwide. The commissioning of the latest state-of-the-art DRI Midrex Megamod™ plant in 1997 and subsequent capacity enhancements have lifted ArcelorMittal Lazaro Cardenas’s slab capacity to 3.8 million tons.

ArcelorMittal Lazaro Cardenas’s raw materials and slabs are shipped through a dedicated port facility, which is Mexico’s largest bulk handling port.


The company is QS-9000 and ISO 9002 certified – by Det Norske Veritas.


4 million tpa pelletiser plant

  • 2.3 million tpa HYL (III) DRI plant
  • 1.5 million tpa DRI Midrex™ plant
  • Four 220-ton electric arc furnaces with a production capacity of 5.3 million tpa of liquid steel
  • Two 220-ton ladle furnaces
  • Vacuum degassing unit
  • Two twin-strand continuous slab casters
  • Thermal power station

Subsidiaries and joint ventures

Servicios Siderurgicos Integrados S.A. de C.V. Sersiin (Mexico)
Consorcio Minero Benito Juarez Peña Colorada (Mexico)
Productora Mexicana de Tuberia S.A. de C.V. PMT (Mexico)